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Philanthropy beyond finance

The Northpine Foundation invests risk capital to achieve scalable outcomes for selected underserved and underinvested communities in Canada.

We offer financial and non-financial supports, expertise and networks to explore unmet opportunities, understand alignment, and design ventures together that build relationships to create a healthy and thriving Canada.

The Northpine Impact

Formerly Incarcerated Persons

Assisting persons who have recently exited the Canadian prison system to achieve their full potential.


Reducing barriers to settlement for adult refugees and claimants, empowering them to thrive and enrich their communities.

Rural Newfoundland & Labrador

Supporting rural and remote development in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Catalytic investments and non-financial supports for underserved cohorts in Scarborough.

Our Investments

As the organizations we work with strive for scalable change towards a healthy and resilient Canada, empowering underserved communities to thrive, our role is clear.

We unleash the power of capital for good, build relationships and share support beyond the financial.

Since January 2021


organizations assisted

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