Coverdale Announces Government Commitment to Core Funding for New Transition House

August 23, 2023

Coverdale Justice Society, an organization dedicated to supporting and reintegrating formerly incarcerated individuals, announced the finalization of the location for its new transition house, Honour House in Halifax, NS. 

With a resounding vote of confidence from The Department of Community Services in the form of a commitment to core operational funding for Honour House, Coverdale aims to replicate the successful model established by Caitlan’s Place, a fifteen-bed transition house where residents have round-the-clock access to staff and services. 

Honour House, an expansion of the extraordinarily successful Caitlan’s Place, is designed to cater to a complex population of formerly incarcerated women and gender-diverse people. Like Caitlan’s Place, Honour House will provide a permanent home for up to 13 women and gender diverse individuals who are exiting a correctional facility or navigating the criminal justice system and homelessness. 

With the provincial government’s support, Honour House is poised to address the critical needs of this demographic and create transformative opportunities for their transition out of incarceration into society.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia to provide affordable housing with appropriate supports to vulnerable Nova Scotians. The support of the Department of Community Services, and the Northpine Foundation enables us to expand our mission and reach even more individuals,” said Ashley Avery, Executive Director of Coverdale. 

“We recognize the exceptional work done by Coverdale in supporting formerly incarcerated individuals. The core funding is a realization of our goal of scaling and sustaining the impact beyond our initial investment in Caitlan’s Place,” said Sara Tessier, Impact Director— Formerly Incarcerated Persons at the Northpine Foundation. “We are excited that the Department of Community Services is supporting the first step in the goal to scale this successful model across Canada.”

Coverdale hopes that the success of this project and the collaborative partnerships presents an opportunity for other provinces to adopt a similar model, fostering sustainable change on a larger scale.

The Department of Community Services’ commitment to core funding marks a significant milestone for Coverdale, as it continues to demonstrate remarkable leadership and make a lasting impact in their work with Formerly Incarcerated Persons.

Learn more about Coverdale Justice Society here and see the Northpine Foundation’s investments in Formerly Incarcerated Persons here.