Our guests need no introduction

November 21, 2022

I recently connected with an individual who wanted to learn about our work at The Northpine Foundation. As we were getting to know each other, she mentioned that she was delighted that I was available to chat, as she had been looking for someone in her network to make an introduction.

I had to pause and ask what made her feel she needed to be introduced to us instead of reaching out directly. She mentioned that she felt there would be a higher probability of connecting with us if someone introduced her.

Is there a lack of reciprocity in investor-investee relationships?

At that moment, I recalled the many people who had gifted me with their time, knowledge, and wisdom on my learning journey at the Northpine Foundation.

When I think of the all the connections I’ve built through cold calls, introductions, events etc. with people in different communities and sectors, I can’t help but think of the power imbalance — the difference between the situation I found myself in, and the mindset of the person who felt she needed an introduction to connect with me. 

Finding a suitable venture to invest in is as important for an impact manager as finding an investor is for an organization or transformative leader. Why then, is there an imbalance and a lack of reciprocity?

You don’t need a mutual connection to introduce you

With the launch of our website, our Open House and our open intake for initiatives, the Northpine Foundation is working towards becoming more accessible and eliminating barriers for prospective ventures and investees. 

Any person or organization working in the Northpine focus areas should feel welcomed to reach out, ask us questions and open up a discussion with us about their ventures and ideas.

To everyone who wants to tell us about your impact work, you do not need an introduction to Northpine. My colleagues and I come from the very communities we serve, are committed to kindness as a core value of our Foundation, and we would love to know about your work.

Come join us at our next Open House and start a conversation.