Targeting Change: A Data-Driven Approach to Social Impact

June 27, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving world, data has become a powerful tool for driving change and creating meaningful social impact. For the nonprofit sector in Canada, using data-led strategies is essential for navigating the complexities of the social safety net and addressing pressing community needs. 

The webinar we co-hosted on 22 June, 2023 with Helpseeker Technologies explored how financial data and trends can revolutionize social impact, social finance, and philanthropy. 

We also introduced the Financial Flows tool, aimed at empowering funders and organizations seeking funding to connect and make a real difference.


Watch the webinar recording below.


Leveraging Data to Target Strategic Investments

At the forefront of social impact, Northpine recognizes capital as a tool to fuel models that drive sustainable social impact. We are dedicated to catalytic sustainability and scalability for meaningful community outcomes by diversifying funding sources and creating tailored financing solutions beyond traditional grants and donations, including debt and equity investments, to address specific community needs effectively.

The key to maximizing our impact is leveraging data to target these investments strategically. By analyzing indicators, we can identify areas with greater needs and develop our investment strategies.


The Financial Flows tool: A Data-Led Approach to Philanthropy

Helpseeker and Northpine worked together to develop the Financial Flows tool that presents and navigates data simply yet effectively. The tool, currently being tested as a minimum viable product (MVP) to determine its value to users, aggregates data from various sources to provide valuable insights into funding patterns and identify potential funding sources.

We are eager to receive your feedback as you test the utility and features. Your thoughts will help us determine the direction this tool will take as we further refine it. 

We invite you to explore the Financial Flows feature on the free version of Karto and share how you find the tool useful, areas for improvement and features you would like to see.

Towards a More Equitable and Empowered Future

In a world of challenges, data emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering philanthropy and impact investing to address pressing societal issues. The Financial Flows tool is a small first step to radically changing how we approach philanthropy, leveraging financial insights to create sustainable social change.

We welcome everyone to join us on this data-driven journey to build a thriving Canada and a more equitable future for all.

We invite venture ideas from social entrepreneurs & forward-thinking organizations working in our focus areas to start a conversation to explore opportunities for funding and investment.