Values, Faith, and Social Innovation: Our Path in Venture Philanthropy
Aatif Baskanderi
Oct 16, 2023

In this inspiring podcast conversation, Aatif, Northpine’s CEO sits down with Victor Beausoleil, the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI). Their conversation explored the work of Northpine, and our unique approach to philanthropy and social innovation.

They explore the challenges and barriers in the world of philanthropy, the future of social innovation in Canada, how faith-based values can inform and influence innovative solutions, and the importance of building bridges, engaging with kindness and empathy, and thinking creatively to achieve a collective vision of a society that benefits all.

To get a clearer picture of our solution-agnostic, sector-agnostic approach, and an insight into what we look for in ventures and organizations when we make funding decisions, watch Aatif and Victor in conversation below.