From Insights to Impact:

Navigating Financial Trends for Effective Social Planning

🗓 Thu, Jun 22, 2023 2 PM – 3 PM EDT

Join us for a webinar co-hosted by Helpseeker Technologies that explores Financial Flows, the alignment of social impact and change through the power of data.

🗓 Thursday June 22, 2023, 2 PM – 3 PM EDT



We are thrilled to present an exciting new tool developed by HelpSeeker Technologies and Northpine Foundation that helps organizations and individuals in the social sector make better informed decisions about money. 

Follow the money with this innovative Financial Flows tool, and improve your social impact strategies, make more convincing funding applications, take informed investment decisions as a funder, and find potential partners in impact investing. 

Who can benefit: 

This webinar is for people in non-profits, social purpose organizations, foundations and other funders, venture capital, government, academics, and consulting firms who want to understand how money flows in communities and use that information to make better decisions. 

What to expect: 

During the webinar, we will introduce a new financial analysis tool, seamlessly integrated into Helpseeker’s Karto platform, accessible with a free account, and always free to use.  

We’ll demonstrate how you can use it to track financial flows, analyze how money is distributed and used, and how it impacts communities. 

You’ll learn how you can identify service voids, track social data patterns over time, and best align available financial resources with community needs. 

Key Takeaways: 

Discover the power of data-driven coordination and decision-making in enhancing social impact through connecting with others. 


  • Find out who else is funding similar organizations and coordinate funding in overlapping locations and themes. 
  • Discover new organizations that align with your mission to make smarter investments in initiatives. 

Social purpose organizations:  

  • Find funders who align with your mission based on their past funding. See how much they give to organizations working in similar or different geographies and thematic areas.  
  • As you advance your initiatives, find new funding sources among funders who have the financial capability and shared interests.  
  • Use social data insights to make strategic decisions to maximize your impact. Align funding requests with community needs, and make a better, data-backed case for funding for your initiatives. 


Register for the webinar now to build a future where money matches needs, creating stronger, more resilient communities. Together, we can unleash the power of data to build a thriving Canada.



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