Working together towards
a thriving Canada.

Among Canada’s most contributing private philanthropic organizations, the Northpine Foundation works with a vision to propel outcome-centered innovation in Canada. 

Northpine provides catalytic funding through tailored financing (donations, grants, loans, equity, or blend), along with expertise, networks and other non-financial supports to help underinvested and underserved communities thrive and flourish. 

We believe in the kindness of everyone and find ways to build bridges to the society we envision. With a focus on this core value, the Northpine Foundation designs, funds, and collaborates on ventures that combine best practices with new, untried approaches to drive scalable change towards a thriving Canada.

Our Mission

To catalyze scalable outcomes for underserved and underinvested communities in Canada.

What makes us (one of a) Kind? 

John and Cathy Phillips

Founders, Funders and Directors
of the Northpine Foundation

Cathy (centre) and John (right) at the Scarborough Health Network Foundation.

Your Team

A group of relentless optimists, we are a nation-wide, remote-first team in love with building a better Canada.